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The Department of Special Collections in the Connelly Library houses a diverse range of materials, from 15th century illuminated devotionals to subject collections treating contemporary social issues. Bodies of work include literature, music, films, art, archival material and ephemera. The discrete collections maintained by the department explore a variety of themes in aural, narrative and illustrative form. Special Collections maintains a focus on acquiring, cataloging and housing unique material that is tied to undergraduate pedagogy and is freely available to researchers. Highlights of the Collections include the largest collection of literary and creative works on the Vietnam War in the world, a one of a kind academic collection of work on Bob Dylan, hundreds of originative works on the Holocaust and psychic trauma, primary sources on local history, and rare and beautiful editions of the Holy Bible. We are a proud member of the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries.

Special collections
Rick McCarty "POWs in our Minds: Number Two" $nbsp; Rick McCarty "Tears Come Tears Go"

Rick McCarty PTSD Drawings
In 1999, Rick McCarty of Mt. Vernon, Indiana, turned to art to heal the psychological wounds from his combat experiences in Vietnam in 1971. View the digital collection

Rick McCarty Drawing 1
John Caspar Wister Monitoring Flowers

Digital Wisteriana
Exploring the notable former residents of Belfield estate, the lives of the Wister Family are elaborated through a series of articles, papers, photographs and other research. View the digital collection

A Tribute to Lt. William Calley

Vietnam on Record Discography
To be included in this discography it must mention Vietnam, or if released between 1962 and 1975—its lyrics must deal with soldiers, fighting, patriotism and related issues. View the digital collection

Susan Dunleavy Collection of Biblical Literature

Susan Dunleavy Collection of Biblical Literature
Established in 1978, the original purpose of the collection was to document the history of early Bible illustration, with special emphasis on the 16th century woodcut Bibles. View the digital collection


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